Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I did it. Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon.
One of my yearly goals this year was to run a race.  A half marathon.  I am so glad that I did it.  I have never been an excellent runner but it was one thing that I wanted.  It was such a wonderful experience and truthfully it was a mental outlet for me after I had Max.  Brady was such a great support, always took the boys without fail when I trained. A few days prior to the race the awful Boston Marathon bombings occurred,  we were all given blue and yellow ribbons in honor of the victims and started the race off singing Sweet Caroline.   The energy was so fun, it was rainy and cold but loved running in it.  Along the way I looked up and saw this young man in a wheelchair with his father pushing behind, what an inspiration.  I will never forget that moment, I don't know why but I was so touched.  Thinking to myself  how blessed I am to be able to have a body that could run if I wanted to. Mile 9 was when I was beside a man who was in a roller-bike, feet dangling down and we were on a hill.  He was pushing with all his might.  It was incredible to see these people achieve this goal and see there perseverance.  This is a new found( I guess you could say hobby) of mine.  There will be more races to come I am sure.  Thank you to everyone who supported me and gave me encouragement.  It meant so very much.  My mom was so sweet and gave me a yellow Lily with my bib number on it.  It is now planted in my yard where it reminds me of a great day!


I think this will be a yearly tradition.  We always have such a wonderful time and beautiful weather!
Our boys are in love with Moab.  We will be in trouble when they are old enough to want to drive and rock crawl.  And I must admit, the bug has rubbed off on me.  Since I have 3 boys I have embraced the fact that camping, four wheeling, dirt, loud noises, wrestling, bugs, a little fighting, and a whole lotta love for the "guy" things in life are going to be a part of me. I love it.


My boy is 6. 6!
How did the time go by so fast?  
I am so very blessed with the BEST kid ever.  His little heart is so tender and sweet.  Brayden is always so thoughtful and just a plain good kid.  I such a lucky Mom to have him as mine.  We celebrated with a super soccer party and shared memories with our dear family.
I love him more then words will allow me to express.  He brings us joy and such peace. (Well, sometimes peace) :) 
What a great celebration!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yee-Hawww Greyson!

My Greyson Boy.
Busy, busy, busy, happy....and now 2 years old.  It feels like just yesterday we welcomed this little guy into the world.  He brings so much joy and keeps us on our toes, his little personality has grown and he cracks us up at all that he knows and does.  We are so grateful for his little light in our lives and we love him so very much. Happy Happy Birthday little love!
We shared such a great day with our family celebrating the big "2".
Yeeee-Hawwww Buckaroo!

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Max.

My little Max.
This little man will melt your heart. 
I have been so blessed to have him in my life.  He is so happy and content all the time.
The calmest of my boys. For now at least.
His face is full of joy.
Love you my Max boy.


Look at that face.
My Brayden is getting so big. Too big. I was not prepared for his first tooth to be gone.  I love him so very much, he is the sweetest boy with the biggest heart. 
Yes, the tooth fairy made an appearance.
Sugarless Gum. A $1 bill. And some "coins".
I could kiss that face all day.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wrapping up 2012.

The Tradition lives on.
Breakfast with the Big Guy. 
It is always such a treat to be able to take our boys to a magical morning. The look on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes are priceless. Greyson was not shy with Santa.  No surprise here, he gave him a high five and a big smile....Then followed by a look of deep concern. Classic Greyson.  Brayden couldn't wait to explain to Greyson how the morning would play out.  He is such a sweet boy pointing out Santa, and not wanting his little brother to miss a thing!
Good Memories.
Christmas morning was a blast.  These boys are so very special. They love each other so much.  Instead of tearing into the gifts themselves, they were so concerned for each other. They both made sure their brother had a present to unwrap before they did.  Ugh, tug at my heart strings. Greyson was still half asleep when we snapped this picture.  Brayden was BEYOND excited.  BEYOND meaning waking up at 3 am. "MOM, DAD....guess who came?!" So he hopped in our bed and proceeded to tell us who came every hour, almost on the hour until 7 am. What a patient kid :)
We had such an incredible Christmas, so very blessed to have the family that we do.  Everything was just so over the top. I am so grateful that I have the family I do and for these beautiful, wonderful memories that we share together.  I just wished that I had taken more pictures!!  The entire day was perfect.  Thank you so much everyone for a spectacular, perfect day! We love you all!!